Monday, April 02, 2007

What’s New?
In this newsletter: new cities joining BrooWaha, new formatting options (including YouTube videos), comment rating, and more!

BrooWaha New York & BrooWaha San Francisco

The BrooWaha network has recently launched two additional editions of the citizen newspaper in New York City and San Francisco. As a user of BrooWaha, you have the ability to comment and vote on articles of every BrooWaha edition. We strongly encourage you to visit the other cities in the BrooWaha network! The link to the New York edition is and the link to the San Francisco edition is

Search Feature

You can now use the new search feature in the status bar to help you look through the 1000+ articles published on BrooWaha.

Comment Rating
This brand new feature lets you vote on comments which other users post in response to articles. Comments that have been voted down by the majority of the BrooWaha community will become hidden. You can still access these hidden comments simply by clicking on the title of the comment. Your votes on the comments also have a slight impact on the comment author's popularity.

Contributors with a popularity of over 500 now get the “Writer“ status. Writers benefit from extra formatting options for their articles and are ranked more highly in the organization of the newspaper.

New Formatting Options for Writers

BrooWaha just added new formatting options: italic, lists, citations, links, and even YouTube videos.
A new guide has been added to the writing interface to help you use them.


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