Saturday, July 07, 2007

BrooWaha now on Facebook!

Sharing your BrooWaha articles with your Facebook friends is now a just a click away with the fully integrated BrooWaha application. Just click the link below to install:

With the BrooWaha application, your profile will automatically post your most recent articles for all your friends to see on your profile. Now you can show the world your stuff, and get your friends to be a part of YOUR Citizen Newspaper!

Monday, June 25, 2007

BrooWaha now tells you if your article has been linked by other websites!

Monday, April 02, 2007

What’s New?
In this newsletter: new cities joining BrooWaha, new formatting options (including YouTube videos), comment rating, and more!

BrooWaha New York & BrooWaha San Francisco

The BrooWaha network has recently launched two additional editions of the citizen newspaper in New York City and San Francisco. As a user of BrooWaha, you have the ability to comment and vote on articles of every BrooWaha edition. We strongly encourage you to visit the other cities in the BrooWaha network! The link to the New York edition is and the link to the San Francisco edition is

Search Feature

You can now use the new search feature in the status bar to help you look through the 1000+ articles published on BrooWaha.

Comment Rating
This brand new feature lets you vote on comments which other users post in response to articles. Comments that have been voted down by the majority of the BrooWaha community will become hidden. You can still access these hidden comments simply by clicking on the title of the comment. Your votes on the comments also have a slight impact on the comment author's popularity.

Contributors with a popularity of over 500 now get the “Writer“ status. Writers benefit from extra formatting options for their articles and are ranked more highly in the organization of the newspaper.

New Formatting Options for Writers

BrooWaha just added new formatting options: italic, lists, citations, links, and even YouTube videos.
A new guide has been added to the writing interface to help you use them.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Dear Readers,

It is my great pleasure to announce that your very own
Broowaha is launching a New York edition and welcoming new
contributors from the New York area!

The new website for BrooWaha New York is:

As a visitor from BrooWaha Los Angeles, you have access to
most features on BrooWaha New York. You can read articles,
leave comments, send messages, etc... The main restriction
on visitors is that they can only publish articles in their
city of origin. However, please feel free to browse the
New York edition and support your fellow contributors from
the east coast!

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all
of you here at BrooWaha Los Angeles for the amazing work
you have done during these last six months. I have
personally noticed a significant increase in the overall
quality of the writing on the website. For instance,
BrooWaha has published several local celebrity interviews
which have been picked up by other news media outlets.
Some of them have also been integrated into Wikipedia, the
largest citizen-contribution online encyclopedia. I
strongly encourage any of you who want to work on such
locally relevant articles to do so. Reading and writing for
Broowaha is a unique opportunity to meet amazing people
from all around the world, share stories, hone writing
skills, and perhaps gain recognition in the journalistic
and artistic communities.

If you have any friends living in or around the Big
Apple, please encourage them to join the new edition of
Broowaha New York. Also, please tell all your friends in
Los Angeles about both editions of the paper and encourage
them to join and contribute!